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As of 12/5/2021 volunteers for the rent control campaign have collected 5119 signatures out of our total goal of 14115. Thank you all for your hard work! 

Who We Are

The Pasadena Tenant Justice Coalition is a coalition of the Pasadena Tenants Union and several partner organizations in the Pasadena community. Our goal is to pass an amendment to the Pasadena City Charter which would create rent control and just-cause eviction protections in our city. These important tenant protections will help prevent the massive displacement of tenants that is currently taking place. They will help keep families in stable homes, prevent homelessness, and keep communities together. We are currently in the process of gathering signatures to qualify the charter amendment for a vote in the November 2022 election.
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Tenant Issues
If you are experiencing problems such as rent increases, eviction, landlord harassment, and habitability issues, check the resources at the Pasadena Tenants Union website. For personal help, call our tenant solidarity hotline at (626) 214-8989 or email
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Rent Control and Eviction Protections

  • Rent control prevents massive year after year increases in rent for tenants who are already living in a home, while guaranteeing a fair return to landlords as required by state law. Under our charter amendment, a landlord would only be allowed to increase rent once a year, by a percentage that represents 75% of inflation for the last year.
  • Just-cause eviction protections require landlords to have a good reason for filing an eviction such as non-payment of rent or breach of lease. Landlords could not evict tenants just because they don't like them, or because they want to flip the unit and rent it out to higher-income tenants at a higher rent.

We have to pass rent control and eviction protections at the same time because it is impossible to have effective eviction protections without rent control. Without rent control, a landlord wanting to evict a tenant for an unfair reason could simply raise the rent to a level they know the tenant cannot afford to pay. Then, they can evict the tenant for non-payment of rent.

Charter amendment details

How to Participate

We will be collecting signatures through March 2022, through a combination of volunteer and paid efforts.

To volunteer to collect signatures, you can fill out the volunteer intake form and one of our organizers will call you to onboard you with the campaign.


You can also meet us at one of our upcoming mobilizations:

To help fund our paid signature-gatherers, pay our part-time campaign manager, and help us buy basic materials for canvassing, you can donate to the campaign.