Pasadena Tenant Justice Coalition

About us
Who are we?

Pasadena is facing a housing crisis of epic proportions. The Pasadena Tenant Justice Coalition (PTJC) is founded in direct response to Pasadena’s tenant housing crisis. PTJC is a coalition of organizations and supporters who are not standing by to watch the horrific displacement of tenants in our community.

PTJC is grounded in the principles of inclusion, committed to racial, ethnic and language justice, invested in the promotion of the interests of the city’s renters, especially its lower income households. This commitment is in recognition that the city is rapidly and unrelentingly gentrifying, resulting in the displacement of the city’s most vulnerable households and communities. PTJC is committed to reversing the city’s indifference to the displacement within our beloved community of those populations that contribute so much to its rich cultural diversity.

PTJC is an alliance of organizations campaigning for a ballot measure to adopt rent control and eviction protections in Pasadena for the March 2022 election.

The Coalition

The coalition is composed of the following organizations. 


Pasadena-Foothills Chapter

Pasadena Area