Pasadena needs rent control and eviction protections!

Stable rents, stable homes. Stop unjust evictions. Pasadena against gentrification.

The Campaign for Rent Control and Eviction Protections

The Pasadena Tenant Justice Coalition (PTJC) is launching its campaign for rent control and eviction protections in Pasadena. Our campaign will address the lack of tenant protections in Pasadena resulting in unconscionable rent increases, as well as the city’s allowance of the practice of evicting tenants who are in full observance of their lease obligations, resulting in extreme housing instability for many tenants. Low and moderate income tenants of color have been especially hard hit by the city’s failure to control rents and its permission of arbitrary evictions.

The campaign seeks to establish laws giving tenants basic dignity in their housing: rent control ensures rents cannot increase more than inflation, and eviction protections ensure landlords can’t evict tenants without cause. We will start collecting signatures for a petition in the spring of 2021 to put a measure on the ballot for March 8, 2022. Support our campaign by volunteering, donating, and spreading the word that we are here to end rent gouging and displacement of tenants!

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The Campaign Today

Building Community Support

We are reaching out to all parts of Pasadena to engage the entire city in the campaign. We want everyone to know the truth about the importance of rent control and eviction protections. We will be registering people to vote and educating people about their rights as tenants!

We already know that Pasadenans want rent control - a 2019 survey of 700 likely Pasadena voters indicated a strong margin of support for rent control (top graph) and even stronger enthusiasm for new laws that would protect against unjust evictions (bottom graph)!

It is critically important that we turn this city-wide, distributed interest in tenant rights into an organized movement around rent control and just cause!

Gathering Stories of Renting

We are asking tenants to share their struggles with renting. Help Pasadena see how widespread this issue is, and how desperately we need these basic protections. You can find your neighbors' stories and share your own here

The Basics of Rent Control and Eviction Protections for Pasadena

What is rent control and what are eviction protections?

Why does Pasadena need rent control and eviction protections?

Will rent control dictate how much landlords can charge for rent?

Does Pasadena support rent control?

What will Pasadena look like in the future if rent control is not enacted?

Will rent control cause landlords to lose the incentive to repair their rental units?

How will these new laws be regulated?